About Us

Our Mission

1Create impressive websites to enhance your online presence.

 At Cavin Consulting we have a passion to design and build a website that will look great, function efficiently, and increase your organization’s success. We use the top content management system on the web to make your website work great and look great.

2Design attractive and professional graphics that will compliment your unique brand. 

At Cavin Consulting we are excited to custom create your graphics. Whether you need a new logo, updated business cards, event invitations, or marketing materials, we are here to create all of your design needs.

3Provide training and 24/7 support.

At Cavin Consulting we know how important it is that your website is maintained and secure. We use top of the line security and site backup software to ensure that your website is protected. We guarantee to help keep your website up to date, looking great, and running smoothly. 

Our Philosophy

Cavin Consulting is dedicated to the success of individuals and organizations.

We focus on helping our clients develop, design, and maintain a successful online presence. We are committed to working with any size group to help them accomplish their goals.

At Cavin Consulting we care about the success of our clients and make it our mission to create impressive websites and graphics that will set our clients a step above the rest. Our satisfaction guarantee is more than just business model, it is our promise to our clients.

Our Team

C.J. Cavin

Master Jedi
C.J. Cavin is the founder and co-owner of Cavin Consulting. As the Master Jedi of the business he is responsible for all things technical including domains and hosting, site backups, and security. He manages the financial side of Cavin Consulting and keeps everything running efficiently. With a degree in Political Science and a masters in Human Relations, […]

Paxton Cavin

Dream Alchemist
Paxton Cavin is co-owner and chief designer for Cavin Consulting. As the in-house Dream Alchemist, it is Paxton’s job to make sure our clients are more than satisfied with the products we create and the services we provide. Paxton utilizes her fine arts background and studio art degree to make sure that each product that […]