Cavin Consulting is dedicated to the success of individuals and organizations. We focus on training, speaking, organization development, and technology consulting. We are committed to working with any size group to help them accomplish their goals.

We knew early on that the normal consulting services were not enough so the introduction of technology services makes us stand out from the crowd. Most consultants offer one or the other but we are proud to be a one-stop shop and we truly believe that the results are more effective in the long term.

C.J. Cavin

My name is C.J. Cavin and I am a recent college graduate. I am working on my Masters degree in Human Relations.

I have been working in web design for about six years. I started out with learning the raw HTML that all websites are built on and grew my skills and talents from there. I served in many leadership positions in college that honed my web development skills. I worked on organizations websites, personal blogs, and even the university’s main website.

These opportunities have given me the skills and abilities to serve you in your business. I recently worked as a full time web designer for an IT company that served schools and small businesses. This experience opened my eyes to a new type of web platform and that is what I build most of my websites in now.

I am a firm believer in a complete package. I not only want to build you a website but I want to make sure that you are setup to be successful. In addition to web development,  I want to make sure that your website has the most up to date and diverse functionality.

I am also an experienced speaker, trainer, and event planner. I’ve been involved with leadership for almost 7 years and I would love to bring my experience to your organization.

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