C.J. Cavin

C.J. Cavin

Master Jedi

C.J. Cavin is the founder and co-owner of Cavin Consulting. As the Master Jedi of the business he is responsible for all things technical including domains and hosting, site backups, and security. He manages the financial side of Cavin Consulting and keeps everything running efficiently.

With a degree in Political Science and a masters in Human Relations, C.J. has a talent for pinpointing the needs of our clients and developing the best website to meet those needs. He specializes in working with political campaigns to design and develop an effective online presence for those seeking public office.

C.J. started out learning the raw HTML that all websites are built on and grew his skills and talents from there. During and after college he served in many leadership positions that allowed him to hone his web development skills. In addition to the sites that Cavin Consulting has designed, C.J. has worked on organization websites, personal blogs, and even a university’s main website. He has experience working as a full time web designer for an IT company that served schools and small businesses. These opportunities have given C.J. the skills and abilities needed to meet our clients needs.

C.J. is  a firm believer in a complete package. Not only does C.J. want to build you a website, but he will personally ensure that you are setup to be successful. After your website is developed and designed, C.J. knows how important it is that your website is properly maintained.

With a passion for website development and a desire for our clients continued success, C.J.’s role in Cavin Consulting is a fantastic compliment to the design background that his wife, Paxton Cavin, brings to the business.

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